Good looking lady goofing around

Good looking lady goofing around

So earlier today, I had a run in with Chim Obiajulu Khasiani who posted the left half of this photo and said it was “The worst kiss the Kissing bandit has ever encountered”. I mean…if you do have eyes, you can see that she was just goofing around and having fun. But this punk decided he wanted to post a story so bad on that gutter site that he cooked up false stories that had the potential to harm the ladies rep. The TrollFathers got called in and this is the conversation that followed:

· 8 hours ago  Mburu Njoroge · SubscribeSubscribed · Top Commenter · Works at Rubi Décor · 153 subscribers  On his (kissing bandit’s) page, this pic is accompanied by another one that shows this was clearly a goofy jest. Kone Sekou, if you’re going to post something tell the whole story not twist, warp and contort it to fit your immature desire to bring someone down for personal glory. Be professional..just a bit, this is only a gutter press website at the end of the day..but respect yourself a little.  Reply · 3 · Like

· 8 hours ago   Chim Obiajulu Khasiani · Top Commenter · Writer at Ghafla!Kenya  Calm your tits down. Yes, calm those your man-boobs down… Now we can talk… Actually, i’ll talk, you just bark. The article is in jest. So stop pretending to be on your Captain-Save-A-*shut your mouth* make sure the lass needs to be saved first! The article is in jest and you can now go slit your wrists! If this our site na gutter press then why take our articles seriously? And next time, conduct yourself with some decorum before talking about respect for self! You wank stain!  Reply · Like

· 5 hours ago   Nelly Wamuyu Thoithi · Intern at Kenya Data Networks  Chim, I think this is an immature and unprofessional response on your part. and I agree with Mburu, Ghafla! has turned into a gutter site  Reply · 6 · Like

· 4 hours ago    Mburu Njoroge · SubscribeSubscribed · Top Commenter · Works at Rubi Décor · 153 subscribers  Hey Chim, if your literacy level was adequate you would have noticed that I addressed the comment to Kone Sekou and not you. Seeing as he has not yet replied to my post, I shall continue to sit here, tulizaing my tits like the product of ejaculate I am. I hope this does not inconvenience your public display of immaturity in any way  Reply · 2 · Like

· 2 hours ago   Chim Obiajulu Khasiani · Top Commenter · Writer at Ghafla!Kenya  Nelly: Like i said, rather than log on to ghafla to spend your days bitching, just get off and stay off. That is an easier solution isn’t it? It will rid me of whiny leprechauns and you of articles such as this. Your days shall be filled with rainbow farts and Elton John ballads! Mburu: Trust me when i say my literacy level is way above yours. And i shall not talk about your ejaculate… i shall side step the woeful tale of your sperm. With that said, you are the type of bitch other bitches don’t want to be associated with because you believe leaking out of your ass is a solution to global warming. Here’s a tampon now run along and play with your dolls. People like you piss me off because you believe you wrote the book on maturity; listen here your penile parasite, do not stab a man then ask him why he bleeds. You instigate a fight then start shopping for sympathies by playing Captain Save A Bitch? And i do not give a squirt of piss who you were talking to. My team will not be attacked. As for my public display of immaturity, trust me when i say your opinion doesn’t make me shake my penis any more or less when i take a leak! And the reason this response to you is long is because “Your punishment must be severe!”  Reply · Like

· about an hour ago   Mburu Njoroge · SubscribeSubscribed · Top Commenter · Works at Rubi Décor · 153 subscribers  Chim, your fascination with the male reproductive organ is quite profound. Seeing as you brought up the whole wank stain/ejaculate issue, I welcome the news that you have dropped it. I clearly do not know you so my personal attacks can only remain at a minimal level. At this point I would like to applaud you on your objective and logically approached description of me, though I however fail to see where I went shopping for sympathies. Your sound logic in your very appropriate responses is so advanced, I find it hard to follow. Had I written the book on maturity, it still wouldn’t apply in this argument as I can clearly see you have challenges reading. Since I’m that considerate, i wouldn’t invoke something that is way above your below poverty line intelligence. As for the tampon, thanks for the gesture, but I don’t need it. Please return it to your mother. The same woman who raised you to intrinsically know the various types of bitches and their characteristics because clearly she, as with everyone in your family, must be one as well. Thank you for reading through these many words.. I can only imagine how hard it must have been for you.  Reply · 2 · Unlike

· about an hour ago   Mutisya Ndunda Jr · CFO at Exygen (K) Limited  Severe?! This is the weakest response ever with the reasoning of Esther Arunga post ‘eyebrow of God’! First, ChimGuy…relax before you pop a vein and end up in Nairobi Women’s Hospital due to all the bitching you are doing. Second, Captain Save a Bitch…really?? You used that twice…I’m assuming you  are a writer, try and be creative you artsy ejaculatory stain (as you well put it). Third, that is no way to talk to a lady…Nelly, it has turned into a gutter site…stop putting up tabloid-like articles with no truth in them. The lady in the pic, looks good…if you did your research well. Lastly, I have a few stories you could do…I will list them down: 1. How your team is full of Ejaculatory stains with so much emotion it makes the notebook look like Rambo: First blood! 2. My search for new insulting vocabulary. (I wouldn’t be shocked if you insulted me with the same vocabulary you used on Mburu) 3. My quest to grow a pair 4. My addiction to man-boobs & 5. I am the Queen of Hi5…coz I just got owned on Facebook   P.S- Let me take you back to when you were a nobody (highschool…not like you are somebody now…just a tabloid writer)…this should teach you not to ruin someone’s rep just because you need a story.


Snoop Dogg & Dre – Bitch Please

SouthPark Allstars – Suck my balls  Reply · 1 · Like

· about an hour ago   Mutisya Ndunda Jr · CFO at Exygen (K) Limited  Ahahahahaha!! This Chim character deleted my comment too!! Such a bitch ass nigga…grow a pair man…then go tea bag your team during your weekend sleep overs! Hahahaha! As in…they deleted the  comments…wah! How weak are these guys Mburu?? Arent they artsy ejaculatory stains that SHOULD be quick on their feet/keyboard?? Ey…ey…ey…you…nani…man-boob lover guy…here *holds out hand*…here’s a book on ‘How to be the Queen of Hi5 coz You just got owned on facebook!!’  Reply · Like

· 55 minutes ago   Mista Majani · Top Commenter · Web Developer at Ghafla  Hey guys. It’s not comments being deleted. It’s Facebook’s automatic trigger. I’ve removed it now.  Reply · Like

· 53 minutes ago   Mutisya Ndunda Jr · CFO at Exygen (K) Limited  Goodman…let it be a fair play  Reply · 1 · Like

· 52 minutes ago    Isaac Hunja · Top Commenter · ICT Support at Mazars CPA Kenya  This seems like a conversation between a lawyer (Mburu) and a ChimP. Style up dude.   Reply · 1 · Unlike

· 39 minutes ago   Chim Obiajulu Khasiani · Top Commenter · Writer at Ghafla!Kenya  And the monkey jokes start. stay playing in your gene pool.  Reply · Like

· 7 minutes ago   Chim Obiajulu Khasiani · Top Commenter · Writer at Ghafla!Kenya  Mutisya Ndunda Jr deleted what now? Wharrathese? What’s this your bitching about Still mad i refused to get you that cactus dildo?  Reply · Like

· 6 minutes ago   Chim Obiajulu Khasiani · Top Commenter · Writer at Ghafla!Kenya  Mutisya Ndunda Jr And what the fuck is with your movie references? i like the song dedication bit though, here are my dedications to you Sir Cunt: (I’m a big big girl) and though it’s not a song, i figure the tampon ad best captures your essencse. Now get off my nuts and run back up the asshole you crawled out of.  Reply · Like

· 2 minutes ago   Mutisya Ndunda Jr · CFO at Exygen (K) Limited  Chim Obiajulu hasiani! aaawww…you are a big girl?? I’m proud you stepped up! I’m good, don’t need the dildo…I get off painting gutter sites with people like you. Y u no like my movie references Mildred? Yes, I dub thee Mildred…after our househelp, coz you remind me of her.

Sir Cunt?? *golf clap* I like how you have stepped up your game…now I can feed you to the dogs without feeling bad…no monkey business (pun intended)   I am known (in cool guy circles you may have heard of when you try to duplicate material from better websites) as The Trollfather. Now, back to your sperm-man-tit-loving self.

First, fuck the 18 generations of your ancestors… you were a waste of sperm! You should have ended up on someone’s chin as a cumshot! We all sprang from apes, but you didn’t spring far enough! Tell me…do you still love nature….despite what it did to you? That explains the bitterness towards awesome people like Mburu,Isaac and myself.

You are pathetic…R Kelly wouldn’t piss on you, even if you were on fire! Being able to defend yourself verbally is a basic skill that many of us “normal” people take for granted that everyone has an easy time of mastering. But we sometimes forget that there are “challenged” persons in this world who find these things more difficult. If I had known, that this was your case then I would have never read your post. It just wouldn’t have been “right”. Sort of like parking in a handicap space. I wish you the best of luck in the emotional, and social struggles that seem to be placing such a demand on you.

*mic drop*