Greetings readers….today I woke up feeling quite disgusted by skinny models! Why you may ask?? I had a bad dream! I was getting married to a girl I couldn’t see…and right after the vows and etcetera, she turns and I see the most anorexic mami ever!!! Lawhamercy!! Almost woke up! As in…that honey moon was me and the cleaning lady at the hotel…siwes! No! iKent! Her make-up was too much too!!

Ok…skinny girls have kind hearts if you feel offended…and they are human…but NO, I just cannot!! I need some meat…beauty to me…is curvyness. Curves are what show the difference between a man and woman. What?! You’ll share t-shirts and boob-tops with a skinny girl?

So, back to the story. During the wedding photo-shoot my best-man pointed out my ex…who…can gerrit of course!! No storo for “just the tiiip”…the whole dhing!! And I was like…why?? Why would I have made such a mistake??

My advice: GAIN SOME WEIGHT and BE PROUD OF IT!! And go easy on the make up…aki woiye! And if you can’t gain weight, it’s ok…the whole point of this blog write is to tell you to be comfortable in your own skin…and not to go to extremes of starving yourself or osha-ing your sura in make-up! Usijistress and at the same time usijiachilie!

Despite the awesome advice in the paragraph above…the ranting must continue!! Here are some thoroughly analyzed pics of ‘Skinny babes and why they can not obtain IT’ for ya’ll:








2-of-10-would-not-bang-10 2-of-10-would-not-bang-11 2-of-10-would-not-bang-13 2-of-10-would-not-bang-16

Stay safe ya’ll…and make her eat something already!

Trollfather out