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Ladies and Gentlemen!!! This is a Public Troll Announcement brought to you by The Trollfather! Some people have been taking advantage of the ignorance/limited exposure of the public and their fans…and I am here to end it!

I was going through Kenyan artist pages the other day to check for any new releases I may like when I landed on Octopi-nani’s page. I was impressed that artists such as Weezy, Jay-Zed and even Agwambo wore his new clothing line. I was genuinely happy for Number NaneGuy. I mean…He was doing it big…until I ended up on the E! online website for my daily muchene and saw a familiar picture. Took me three days to realize what I had seen!!

This homie…this dude…this guy…is a FAKE!! I felt so insulted…like a mami ingizwad box by a guy flossing daddy’s iPad! I felt so…mind fucked! And for that…I applaud the photoshopper behind the ‘Ivo Ivo Ivo’ clothing line.

Being your friendly neighbourhood Troll…I took the liberty of exposing Number NaneGuy. Enjoy!!

First up is Lil’ Wayne. Notice that even the guy on the right has an Ivo-kerea t-shirt!! Genius! That is all


Next up is Agwambo…who apparently has a tattoo on his right arm…ok, this was poorly done. I can do better when high on drugs, taking a dump and watching the bold and the beautiful…3 different levels of euphoria…and I’d still do better!

sean_combs_p_diddy_le_clafout 483176_10151096027808842_1034199901_n

Kanye West…the first homie to impregnate the finest Armenian ass on TV…talk about beastialism. Notice how the words on the tee even curve with the material! MIND = BLOWN!!

kanye-west-nike-flyknit-trainer-white-black 600403_10151189469283842_1429185440_n

Now, this one right here…bought my brain dinner first. The hell?? “Oh, let’s change the colour of the t-shirt and then put words on it…Hell! Let’s even make him more light skinned!”

obamacrowley 557825_10151163055433842_1931003962_n

I am not a Belieber…that t-shirt should have stayed in the closet with the rest of him! Good photoshop though..if he/she really wanted to impress me…they’d have valishad the mamiz Ivo-kerea hot pants or panties.

598544_10151182463943842_217658091_n 5c6cc9ac795212c76ebee82e34db8a8c

My long-time virtual wife…we had 2 kids together…Kara and Mulwa. This impressed me too because the words curve around her bust. I also just realized she has REALLY short arms.

481533_10151215730243842_1027025072_n 091E50D4-4A5F-4972-915B-3B8D390F83D0

Jay-Zed!! HomieDogWoofBowWow!! This is world class photoshoping!! The words allow transparency so you can see the material’s folds and creases…TF?! This photo…is the bombdiggidynodoubt!


Ah yes, the power couple…Shawn Carter and Ndanu. I have no comments on this…too cute (I don’t use this term loosely) of a picture to say anything.

jay-z-pmk-air-jordan-i-1-brooklyn-zoo-03 (2) 481668_10151186304003842_771323353_n

Having Trolled…I shall end on an unexpected note…

“Ever wanted to appear in your Crush’s photo? Ever wanted to disappear from a photo? Ever wanted to have bling blings in a photo or to remove a duckface? Well, I am the person for you!! With 1 year experience in photoshopping…I am your best chance at making a pictoral statement! Email me on mutisyandunda@gmail.com for any Inquiries. See some of my works below”

Andrea and her Pals…and myself, just like that.


My idea of a big family!


Trollfather out!