Greetings good people of the web!! Trollfather in the hizouse, madd ma-yo yo up in this kerea!

Today, I will write about an app I came across on the Google Play store 2 days ago. I would have written about it then…but I had to think hard if I wanted to kill mpango ya kando vibes for every boyfriend/hubby/fling of babes that’ll read this. Nick-wasting time #LetUsGoCozLegoIsSo2012

The App name is ‘Boyfriend Text Message Spy App’ by Vintage Media Associates.

So…I will copy/paste the description of the App and then…I shall share my thoughts.

“You’re not saying you don’t trust your boyfriend. You’re not even saying that he is being unfaithful. You just want to be able to have peace within yourself about your boyfriend’s whereabouts.

Why isn’t your boyfriend answering their phone?

Is your boyfriend really where he says he is?

The Boyfriend Text Message Spy App is designed to locate your boyfriend wherever he is. Use our satellite tracking service and reveal all. Now, you can rest peacefully knowing he is exactly located at the place he said he would be. No more guessing games on your boyfriend’s location. No more playing hide and seek with your boyfriend. Using the Boyfriend Text Message Spy App puts the odds in YOUR favor.

Simply enter your boyfriend’s cell phone number to receive his exact location.

Download today and locate your boyfriend today!”

TF??!! Ok, this is utter nonesense!! What happened to trust? I’ll tell you where it went…through the fucking window!! Why you may ask? Coz “Niggas be like…eerrmergad I want to chill with the boys but she’ll come over if I tell her where I am”…and girls wont understand that! In fact, they’ll want to talk more than ever if you tell them that. Nothing wrong with talking, lakini…give a homie a break!! Do you want him to boeka with your ass?? I guessed so!!

You know what the worst part is…the app can hack texts from any phone so that the user can receive them. Lawhamercy!!

Back to the App…these people know how just to tap into a girls guilty conscience. They start off by tell them it isn’t wrong to shuku your boyfriend…then BAM!! They ask if you believe if he is where he says he is!! We are!! Promise!! Except after 10 p.m., then it’s a straight lie…with no shame!! Why? Coz we don’t want to come to where you and your friends are…and we don’t want to drop off all 13 of you…and you are probably at Gypsy’s!!

What’s really funny about this app is the comments ladies have left. Kindly ignore the random dude’s failed attempt at diverting attention to it’s secondary/alternate uses in the name of upholding the Bro Code (!



Tena the first one!! Good Lord!! Ati “In today’s world this kind of apps are the must to protect oneself and the closed one’s. I love him so I am using it on him.”! Talk about justifying one’s actions with such a lie!

Anyways, sorry for wasting you time ladies…this app hasn’t worked on 87% of the phones it was installed on. But still…TF?!

Trollfather out!